K&K Maxxed-out vs Aesthetix Rhea

I'm thinking of upgrading my phono pre, now I'm using a Hagerman Cornet made with naked Vishay, PRP resistors, Mundorf, Sonicap and V-caps.
My system consist of Michell Gyro, tecnoarm, Shelter 90x, Atma-Sphere M-60, Atma-Sphere MP-3 (line only) and GMA Eos HD.
I was thinking of spending around $2500, witch is the price for a used Rhea or the price for K&K kit with all the options.
I was wondering if somebody had the chance to compare these two phono stages?

Thank you
Thank you guys.
I thought that the phono section of the MP-3 was good, but do you think is at the same level of the K&K?
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I don't know what the differences are between the phono stages in an MP-3 vs MP-1 but in my MP-1 I would race it against anything out there at any price. This is especially true with Ralph's MKIII.1 updates. Really, really scary when you run your phono balanced. Also you would save on an additional cord, ic's and a base. Good luck.
Do you know where can I find reviews of the MP-3's phono section or some sort of comparison with the MP-1 ?
I've seen a few reviews of the MP-3 line section but nothing specific for the phono section.

Thank you,
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