Kanye West - Grammy comment, re Beck

Kanye West on-camera last nite: 'Beck needs to respect artistry.' Then a long rant about...ah just watch it.

What would Kanye say about Beethoven? Or Dylan? or Matisse?

Having fun with this as Twitter is aflame already with it. But the more I think about it, the more it gnaws on me. He was referring to Beck winning Album of the Year (instead of Beyonce). I could go on a long rant myself about his ego, general creepiness, but nothing I could add. But his comments are heard by millions of music fans...

Anyhoo, anyone else see those comments? Reactions?
I personally don't have a problem with his statement. Maybe he was just pissed. I don't remember the category but most of the voting for the Grammy's and especially the Academy Awards is extremely subjective and quite honestly, without any real basis of fact.

Now, I'm not defending this guy, but, in his opinion and many others, no way was Beck close to better than Beyoncé.

so, maybe just maybe he was pissed and voiced his opinion. more power to him. right or wrong. its funny to watch and read about.

Maybe if more people stated speaking up, the subjectivity of these "awards" would be removed and real metrics would be used in determining the "best".

No people of color was nominated for an academy award? Give me a break. enough already!

So, I think he was pissed, right or wrong. and voiced his opinion. Since he isn't a newbee, he can do this and it won't really negatively affect his career.

I think getting a conversation started is a good thing.

People are so hyped on the fact that he made the statement that maybe they are missing the point.

But, you never know.

Its still funny.

BTW, I was shocked that Beck won that one. i have not heard that particular album yet but have other older BEck albums. Like his music or not, and I am somewhat ambivalent still on the matter, one cannot deny that he is one of the few these days still carrying the banner of artistry in rock/pop music. Muse is another. Plus the sound quality of everything I have heard by him alone should put a smile on most audiophile faces. His win was a victory for a lot of folks on this site I think.

Having said that I liked the tone overall of the Grammys this year. There appeared to be some effort to inject more class than usual. There were many nice performances and some meaningful subject material. I was happy to see Tony Bennett and the current incarnation of Lady Gaga for example.

BEyonce also did a very nice job at the end. No doubt the talent is there amongst all the rest!
However talented or artistic Kanye is, not my cup of tea, has he not won 20 plus Grammys? How can he accept those awards if he has an issue with how the process works? At least we know he has an issue with Beck winning and I believe more of an issue with Beyonce not winning. Seems contradictory in nature to me?

"Your voting process got it right when I was named the winner so that's OK by me but not tonight when my friend didn't win..."

He pulled the same crap a few years ago with Taylor Swift (some video award show)and who did he say should have one then???? Ah yes Beyonce. To me it seems like he's just sucking up to the Jayzee music/recording machine.

Kanye - with all your and Kim's money host your own award show and hand them all out to Beyonce. Only way you'll ever be happy you dumb-a$$.
I would not give anyone who pulls stunts like that too much credit. I'd yank the awards he won just for being a self indulgent horses arse and having poor taste in women accordingly.
Sidebar: check out this graph on a track off the new Beck: