Kappa 8.1 tweeters cutting out pt 2

A while ago I posted about the tweeter on one of my 8.1 v II's cutting out at high volume (50%) when listening to a CD. I took people's advice & swapped the speaker cable & also the RCA input into the amp, the same speaker cut out....

I then found a 2nd set of kappa 8.1 vII's f/s for pretty cheap so I snagged themm. They play fine well above 1/2 volume!

I know these speakers have a protections circut in them to shut the tweeter down if it gets to hot, I figure that must be damaged somehow. Is that circut in the tweeter itself or in the x-over? I figure it would be in the tweeter so I should be able to buy a set of tweeters & I should be OK??

thanks for any help!!!