keeping amps cool?

How about having small air filters blowing on the amps fins to keep amp cool. Apparently keeping devices temperature power extends life?
Cool is not to change the sound. It's o extend the operating life of the caps and perhaps the whole amp. Heat kills. Specifically I enjoy a Spectral DMA 180 and am happy with the sound-so would like to keep it a long time; without having to ship it across the US/Can border. Always some danger in shipping.
Unless it operates at the temperature it was designed to, it will definitely change the sound. Capacitors typically never get anywhere near their highest allowable temp. Those parts that are vulnerable to thermal breakdown are the ones on a heat sink. If your amp is functional after 20 years, it still needs to be rebuilt.
That's just it. It 'seems' to function. Although it may sound okay, it has by then fallen probably far below spec. If you owned it since new, you probably didn't notice it's deterioration over the years. If it's a great amp worthy of a good overhaul, you're in for a treat. It will likely sound better than new due to current technology parts and maybe a mod or two by a respected tech or engineer.
I use a 24v muffin fan run at 12v and set it on my Mac c2200 tube preamp wired to a door switch that turns on when in use. Works well sucking heat from within chassis.