keeping amps cool?

How about having small air filters blowing on the amps fins to keep amp cool. Apparently keeping devices temperature power extends life?
I use a 24v muffin fan run at 12v and set it on my Mac c2200 tube preamp wired to a door switch that turns on when in use. Works well sucking heat from within chassis.
I would agree with Csontos, and suggest to seriously consider mods such as replacing and upgrading with better quality capacitors, internal wires , resistors, diodes and rectifiers , binding posts ,etc. Actually they do not cost so much ( compared to buying a new amp) but improvement in performance will be outstanding. I did it on my Cary Audio (AES SuperAmp AE-25 ) and thoroughly satisfied , even people at Cary were surprised at the good result.
Reg cooling : I had on the same amp custom installed a 3" cooling fan at the bottom to take air from underneath and throw into the body of amp. I had even a 2 speed regulator installed which make fan to run at higher speed ( more noise /dB ) while amp on stand bye , but run at half speed while amp in operate mode ( very low noise/dB ) . It works great !
Any tech with more knowledge than just trouble shooting. Someone who specializes in this kind of work with lots and only good feedback. You have to do your home work, seriously.