KEF 107 without Kube

I'm about to buy a set of KEF 107s without the Kube. My understanding is the Kube basically bumps up the bass to make the speaker more flat and lacks bass/body/punch without it.  Then I also hear that the Kube negatively affects the mids/highs according to many owners.  Is fixing this as easy as just bumping up the bass knob or do I really need to employ my miniDSP that I don't want to put in the chain?  Actually, I'll be using my Mcintosh ma7900 integrated so I don't think I can put the miniDSP in the chain anyway.

Woofers have been refoamed and tweeters have new fluid.. Nothing else has been done as far as wiring and crossovers.  

Thoughts on these without the Kube?  Or any other good mods?

According to John Atkinson ’s 1991 measurements, the KEF107 definitely need kube in circuit or some sort of EQ for bass extension.
@erik_squires Thanks for that info, I might look into that.  I don't have as much time and know how (or willingness to experiment) as many on here so I appreciate your help.
The Kube 107.2 is not the best option for a 1st gen 107 speaker. It may work, but the crossover is different.
However, the claims (I've read them too) that the Kube is serial matched for each pair of speakers is a bit of hogwash, I could not tell a difference in the 3 Kube's I ran with my 107s.
The 107 is still a fantastic speaker. I would have kept mine if I didn't need to fund another speaker purchase. Don't be put off by the extra piece of electronics to run them, many speakers are tied to extra bits as part of their design including the new $30k Jubilee. I wish I has the room and the funds for that one. :-)
I have a pair of KEF 107/2's and the matching cube.  One of the cuts I use for auditioning speakers is "A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square" by Manhattan Transfer. The 107/2's rendition is magnificent.  Listen to how clear the transition from the group to a single male voice followed by a single female voice just about 2:30 into the song.  At the time most all other speakers failed to sound as good.  In my old house I had one room for both audio and video.  Even with the cube I didn't think the low bass was good enough for some movies so I used a sub and shelved the cube.  Excellent sound for me.  My new house has separate audio and video rooms so I bought an old pair of NEAR speakers to temporarily use for video.  When I buy a set of speakers for audio the KEF's will go back to the video room and be reunited with my 15" Klipsch subwoofer.  To sum up, what's your primary use for the speakers and how room filling do you like the bass?
@roxy54 Can you provide a universally accepted definition of an audiophile? You're probably right to assume I'm not that. I am, however, annoyed by your response and kindly ask for you to troll your superiority complex to other boards.
You were annoyed by my response? Well right back at you. I was annoyed by your silly comment that you thought they sounded great until you found out why.
I stand by my comment. My audiophile comment was really meant as a joke because so many audiophiles are concerned not only with the end, but the means. Lighten up.