Kef 205/2

Good Morning All!

My setup consists of:

Kef 205/2
Mcintosh MC501's
Audio Research Ref 3
Fully Mod Primare CD31
PS Audio PPP (CD, Pre)
Shunyata Hydra 2 (Amps)
Nordost Quattro Fill CD to Pre
Nordost Red Dawn Pre to Amps
Nordost Red Dawn Bi-Wired Speaker cables
Analysis Plus Oval 9 Power Cords

My current issue with the above setup is that the Kef 205/2 produces very little bass comparing to my smaller system (in the same room with the same speakers positioning , etc) which consists of Dynaudio Focus 140 bookshelf, Cambridge Audio 740c and Meixing integrated tube amp (75w/ channel)! Due to the lack of bass, my main system seems to be brighter. I’ve tried to play the Kef on my smaller setup but the amp seems not to be to drive them.

Has anyone experience with the Kef205/2 or similar setup?
Can you please let me know how to improve the bass response?
I’ve tried with cables e.g. Chord Anthem, Cardas Golden Cross with mix result and ended with Nordost due to their high resolution. I do believe make differences but not substantially

Thanking you in advance for your advices
One more thing, you definitely need to change the quattro Fill going from your CD to Pre. you have an interconnect that is going exactly the opposite way from where you want to go and CD to Pre is where the most signifcant change in sound will be made through cable two cents..
Thank you all
I'll give it a go through upgrading cables. I have in mind the following
Acoustic Zen double barrels speaker cables
Acoustic Zen silver Ref ICs
Purist Elementra
Maybe Transparent

Anyone experience owith Grovers cables?
Pkoh70, with all plugs remove. Will it also reduce bass response? I tried with high freq plugs removed but ended up with replug due to loosing resolution!
What cables are you using on 207/2?
I had a similar beef with my 800d's powered by a Mc 500, which is 2 channel by 500 watts. All seemed well except the bass seemed lean. I was using monster biwire with monster balanced ics from my original system of the 90's. I always felt cables are important but as more of a tweak opposed to spending mucho denaro. I went ahead and tried some audioquest with the solid core copper. The Aq's vs.stranded monster were much better, there was the bass, and everything else you should hear. My gut tells me your nordost cables (which are great cables) are wrong for your application.
Hi Primare, if you remove all plugs, you loose bass. You need to keep both plugs in place with the middle one out. If you plug the middle as well, then you get additional hi freq boost.

For my 207/2, I use Stereovox LSP 600c