KEF blades 2 or Dynaudio C4?

Hi guys, I am trying very soon the Luxman monos M900. I am wondering based on your experience and knowledge which speakers of these two would be a better match for them?
My room 18x12. High ceilings.
I prefer low volume music effortless neutral sound. I had owned KEF 3 and I liked them a lot.
But today I asked three dealers and I got mixed opinions. 
I do appreciate your time giving me your opinion. Kind regards.
Thank you.

I find the reflexive hostility to audiotroy on these forums to be undeserved.  Yes, he’s a dealer - which he discloses.  Yes, he has brand preferences - which he discloses.  Every other person who participates in these forums also has biases - most of which they don’t admit or recognize.  I find his contributions to be fair and far more informative than most participants, even if I may not agree with his conclusions or views.  I, for one, am grateful that a dealer chooses to be active here as it adds to the collective knowledge base and to lively discussion.  Those who just reflexively dismiss his contributions just because he’s a dealer are the ones devaluing the discussion and the thread.  
Frankly, Audiotroy sounds like he is a better dealer than most.  I’ve heard far too many demos where I walked away unimpressed because the synergy wasn’t there. (Pretty much every demo of B&W/McIntosh).  It was clear they didn’t do system matching, or take care in set up.
So, thank you audiotroy for your thoughtful participation and for continuing your contributions in the face of unfair criticism.
And, by the way, I’ve never done business with him/them - only my local dealer and used gear through audiogon.   
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Hardly drinking any cool aid.   Just appreciating reasonable discussion which I find he offers - even when I disagree.  The hostility some show on these forums is just silly and unwarranted.

I regularly read how  our hobby is slowly dying as audiophiles age out and younger listeners stream into earbuds off their phones, not experiencing what good reproduction can sound like.  Yet, we come to these forums and tell dealers to keep their business, advice and opinions out of here. So he’s trying to grow his business while adding to the collective discussion. Why is that bad when it’s disclosed?  

The last thing we need is for dealers to close up shop and go away.  We all lose.  
Mgrif104, Thank you! We post for a lot of reasons, one is to help grow our business, the other is to offer  what we hope is construed as good advice and the third is to call attention to really outstanding products that we have discovered and put out, and fourth to possibly offer some rational commentary about other products that may be or should be considered when product X is being discussed. 

When you have been doing this professionally for 30 years you generally learn a lot and the magazines, don't necessairly tell the whole picture.

We are always experimenting with new products in the recent 2 years we added: ATC, Quad, Innous Servers, Mytek, Naim's new Uniti Atom, Star and Nova, now adding a Naim NAP 300 power amp, Legacy, Rethem, Elac, new Paradigm Dominance Subwoofer, Anthem STR, Anthem separates, Micromega M100, Light Harmonic Davinci, Aqua Hifi Formula, Rega P3 and I am sure we are missing something.

New products we are bringing in Lumin X1, Naim NDX2, new Audioquest Power Cabling, and a few other new toys.  

If you look at one of the posts we started which was removed, the moderators have a lot of issues, was to draw attention to the Micromega M100. 

We heard a lot of great things about the Micromega and was intrigued to find a product that had a similar qualities to the Devialet which was a little too sterile.  We liked the fact that the Micromega was $3,000 cheaper, had a room correction option, and used a Class A/B amplifier. 

Once we got the Micromega it was wonderful so we started a post and boom it started getting traction and finally a few people decided to take the plunge and purchase the M100, unfortunatly not from us, and the posters loved the product.

We  have one of the largest collections of gear in the tristate area and are always playing with new combinations to find what we hope will be the best products for our clients.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ