KEF LS50 Meta

I am looking at buying a pair… Seem to be reviewed very well… Haven’t had a chance to listen to them yet… Do you consider these audiophile bookshelf speakers? Thanks!


@vthokie83 that's a great story. I do think highly of the Buchardts. However, buying new speakers was my biggest mistake. I spent an enormous amount on my speakers and I could have saved 50% if I had bought used. And I could have spent that on another upgrade. Oh well. I still learned a lesson. 


That is true, buying used can certainly be a better way to purchase audio components. I just posted that because it was my experience, as I purchased new. The feeling about the speakers remains the same however, and each can be purchased used right 30% to 40% off of new prices.

When I was considering upgrading from my LS50 Meta + KC60 sub in a small room. I was questioning the merits of an upgrade since the system sounded great. I audition the $15k TAD ME-1 standmounts, I thought it was better than the LS50 but not 10x better. I was considering buying the Yamaha NS3000 standmount, since the Yamaha NS5000 that I own is so good (better than the TAD). The NS3000 is only available for me in Canada, but I have family there so not hard to buy it.

However, after buying the $1000 Magnepan LRS+ on a lark and getting great amplification I said there is no way I would like any standmount over the wall of sound (with depth) that I am getting with the LRS+. This is also in the same small room.

The LRS+ suffers a tiny bit with the details compared to the other standmounts I meantioned. However, that is not a big issue, and if it were (it is not), I would look at these Magnepan clones to upgrade from the LRS+.

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I found that they were really good but in a narrow range to a degree. I also found that they love Class D amplification which opened them up significantly to my surprise. I sold mine because I wanted a more "all around" bookshelf speaker. You'll find that their resale value is dropping at least it was when I sold mine and a lot of people buy and sell these.