KEF ls50 meta’s are on the way

Got a demo today and ordered a pair. Should arrive next week.  Will shootout with my current ls50s when they arrive.  Stay tuned.  

Yes still very happy.
Have only run them off my main system which is powered by Bel canto ref1000m monoblocks. They should do well off most any good quality SS amp. I would not run them off a tube amp. Not designed for that really.

I do use them with a Audio Research sp16 tube preamp. About 1/3 of the way into the room which is only 12x12. Also a Klipsch sw308 powered sub though the bass in that room is quite suitable without but that does help fill in the lowest octave.

Personal preferences aside, they are top notch for their size. Very insightful but not bright. Just detailed and dynamic. Great with transients. The music can startle you when it first starts in conjunction with a dead quiet noise floor.
Their size is their limitation. I would not use them in a large room and I find they are best if volume level stays modest. I seldom would ever go over 85db SPL at one meter distance listening approximately. I have larger full range speakers for that.

Within their limits they are hard to beat IMHO. Top notch for the size and cost.

@mapman  - Just wanted to share an experience.

I've had my LS50s (non Metas) for a few years at my old place (1st in a 12' x 15' den, then my 10' x 12' office) and just over a year at my new place (1st in my 13' x 16' office then in the 15' x 19' living room). 

All setups were/are run with 4 subwoofers.

Then, a few months ago, I set them up in a square room a little larger than yours at 14' 6'' x 14' 6'' with 9' ceiling.  Thickly padded wall to wall with minor room treatments.

They sounded the worst in there until I set them up diagonally.  
After minor placement tweaking, they sound much better than I have ever heard in any other room. 

Better imaging and bigger sound stage, among other improvements I am still wrapping my head around.

Interestingly, my LRS also sound better in some ways set up diagonally in there.

Would be curious of your findings with the Metas should you try this out.

@curiousjim --

**KEF dealer disclaimer**

Just wanted to add a couple a quick things for your questions....  The Metas are not super troublesome with room setup.  If you need to run them somewhat close to a wall, they will work (especially when utilizing port plugs if super close).  Of course a little breathing room is generally a good thing with "most speakers", so if you can bring them out a bit into the room, certainly try it.
I don't really consider the Metas to be "bright" in sound.  You can add tubes somewhere in the chain if you desire (one of my favorite combos here is a Rogue Cronus Mag with my Meta demos), but it's not necessary if you don't want to play around with tubes.  There are plenty of great sounding solid state options that work well with the Metas.

As Mapman noted, due to their size, they do have some limitations to overall volume and large room size.  But they really are fun speakers, and play well above their price point (IMHO).

Hope this helps!


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See figure 2:

My listening chair is in a straight line closer to the number 7.  Speakers are positioned so that the ''triangle'' is rotated slightly clockwise.

Honestly didn't know what to do with my LS50s after replacing them with a pair of Harbeth SHL5+40s in my home office.

Never thought of using the square front room until reading up on the benefits of diagonal speaker placement.

Very happy I tried this!  Fortunately the LS50s and my LRSs are easy to move around.

Don't have system pics yet as things are still being swapped around.