They are coming out with the wireless 2 in November if you still want wireless.
We got our demo.pair yesterday we might hava a far greater break rhrough monitor look for our video later this month meta materiels vs mega metal our new monitor uses the most inert cabinet currently on the market it isa tiny speaker that weighs 25 lbs
Dave and troy
Audiointellect Nj
Strojo if you saw what we have you eould be pretty impressed

Our new monitors are in a class by themselvelves nonene has ever produced a cabinet like this think 30k to 50k sound for 3500 when uzed with a good subbwoofer

You will be hearing ing our setups at axponna when the shows start again our sub monitor Package is goiing after Wilson and magico for 15k  with bass down to 10 hz and tuneable to match the room size

Our monitors are totally unique in terms of clarity and imaging state of the art the enclosure does not vibrate or resonante at all the material is50 trimes more inert than mdf or aluminium total game changer