Audiotroy needs his own area of the site so that we can get through a thread without him hijacking it.  I'd probably spend half the time going through thread posts every day...and end up getting a lot more value out of them.
The new LS50 metas definitely look interesting.  While I generally don't put a ton of stock in reviewer's comments, Steve G. doesn't generally gush over stuff.  Gonna head down to my dealer when they get a pair in to have a listen.  Will report back with my thoughts.
From what I read about how KEF has always gone about applying technology very meticulously and fairly openly with the ls50s ( a big reason why I bought them ie what went into the impressive design was published and made very transparent to any interested buyer), my gut tells me this may well be the real deal and should upgrade my ls50s given the modest cost difference.

Could it be hype though? IT’s gamechanging technology if the hype is true. Absorbing most of the backwave as advertised sounds really good, but would like to see some tests to confirm the effectiveness advertised especially compared to the alternatives. Should be easy to measure and confirm. One would expect the speakers could get warm with all that extra energy converted to heat.

On the other hand if Guttenberg says 10 versus 6.5 as he describes, that’s the bottom line. HE was adroit enough to also appreciate Ohm Walsh speakers after all (which uses a "tuflex" block to absorb the backwave in the Walsh style driver which is itself a totally different beast from most "box" speakers in terms of how it operates....for the better I would say). |:^)

Will KEF sell their new sound absorbing technology so others have a chance? IF it does what it says it would open up a lot of box speaker designs for me that I typically go out of the way to avoid given the options.

Handling the backwave effectively in a box speaker is always a huge deal and an area still ripe for technical innovation I would say!
Correction:  tuflex block is used to absorb the front wave sound in wall facing directions with Ohm Walsh CLS driver, not the back wave. Totally different.  With Ohm Walsh the backwave is different in nature and I believe fires down the length of the cabinets not across the narrower width like conventional box speakers. Apples and oranges.  Still the kef sound absorbing material probably has many  applications if truly superior as it may well be.