KEF LS50 or Harbeth P3ESR for desktop system?


Spendor S3/5
SVS SB-1000 sub
McCormack modified Micro Power Drive
McCormack Micro Line Drive
HRT Music Streamer II DAC connected to the PC
AQ cabling

Speakers are 5' apart on the desk.  2' from back wall, no side walls within 6', vaulted ceiling.
Near field - I'm 5' away from them.

Piano jazz, movies on the PC, podcasts.  I don't try to break my ears.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with the current setup, but, well, you know...

KEF LS50 (not wireless), or Harbeth P3ESR (maybe even Anniversary Edition)?

These newly remastered Beatles albums are really good in details and sound. Especially I like the voices. Very clear and natural but not "edged" or "screaming" as they often are in new recordings (just too many bad singers today maybe that only can whisper...).
Check out the active JBL and Yamaha studio monitors...also Focal and Adam in this size range. Give them a listen at a local high end music instrument store. 

Im using the JBL with 5” woofer (LS305) for my office desktop system with a Schiit preamp and Dragonfly dac, Mogami cables on my MacBook Pro.

Not a total high end system but the sound is actually really really good. A lot of recordings are engineered on these speakers so I gave them a try....I’m extremely satisfied 
Thanks for the advice - others will surely benefit and I'm glad you like your setup so much.

As previously posted, I bought the Harbeths, to be delivered late April.
I am using the LS 50 on my desktop. The Harbeths were a consideration. There is no dealer in the vicinity. So, I bought the Kefs from a local dealer where returns are easy. I've used two different amps with them, A Threshold 400A class A/ cascode and an ancient 25 watt per channel Stromberg Carlson tube amp with the tone and volume controls bypassed. (The power switch on the Threshold failed recently after 30 years of faithful service. So, I brought the Stromberg out of storage.)  Front end is a Mac into Anti Cables USB going into a Schitt Jotunheim multi bit dac with Anti Cables interconnects, etc. The Kefs are sitting on Isoacoustics desktop stands. The stands make a big improvement in imaging.
This desktop system is so good I get lost in the music while working. I can't believe how good the LS 50 sounds in this set up. The amazing to me is how three dimensional they sound with the SC, maybe even better than the Threshold. 
I listen primarily to acoustic jazz and some bluegrass - Tidal or ripped cds on ITunes through Bit Perfect. 

bbarlow690, any updates on the Harbeths?I’m interested to know what you think as I’m still undecided about buying them.