KEF LS50... The ultimate anal-ytical speaker for living rooms?

I am looking for a VERY revealing with razor-sharp imaging type of bookshelf,  but not the cost of TOTAL loss of musicality.... In other words, not necessarily full range, but at least balanced - not something that starts to roll-off at 200hz... They would be listened to mid-field, 6-7ft away in a somewhat open space.  Could it be the ls50, or is there anything else around their price-point? Thx for suggestions...
I own the Special Forty in grey. Very nice speaker overall. Lots of depth and refinement to the sound.
Chris we sell 3 of the four speakers mentioned here.

We do sell the KEF LS 50 we sell the Athom and we sell the ATC's

Each has its own strenths, the Athoms are really amazing and are better than the LS 50, but the Athoms are also way more expensive.

The ATC SCM 11 are also marevelous. The LS 50 for the money is very impressive, but doesn't have the range of either of the more expensive speakers. The ATC are a bit more laid back but have a fantastic tight bass response.

The nice thing with the ATC is that they are $2500 so still quite affordable. 

Dave owner
Audio Doctor NJ
You did not mention price or room size, only sound quality, so I am recommending the KEF Reference 1 bookshelf. There is one available today on A’Gon for about $6K used. It is a great stand mount speaker. Read the review it reads like what you are searching for.

I have decided to get this speaker for my office once I move. It will replace the passive KEF LS50 which will move to the bedroom. I think the LS50 is ideal on a desktop (on small Isoaccoustic stands) or in a bedroom. So in a small room for near-field listening.
Thanks for all these recommendations!  If I had the $$$, the ATC, Dynaudio, KEF reference 1 would definitely be in my living room.  But with a son in college, l have to not look in that direction.   I am currently looking at LS50s because I have been trying some kef q100s  this week.  The one remarkable quality in these is their capacity to image and their transparency... they reveal a lot more what's in recordings, which is double edge as they are merciless with so so masterings or sources.  But they stop there.  They roll-off below 200hz, with some peaks here and there, are "hot' with undesirable colorations, and they sound really thin, almost smaller than their size would indicate.  THey were probably meant just for surrounds in affordable HT setups.
But if the Q100s are what the MMGs are to Magnepan's bigger panels, then I am thinking that the LS50s edition must have what's missing with the Q100...
Only one way to find out, right?  I'll try to get a pair for home audition.
thx again for your comments.