kef ref 2 vs 104

How do the new kefs compare to the sound of old kefs?
I have both the ref2 and the 104's. The ref2's have a better high end, cymbals "sparkle" and guitar strings "tingle". The mid's are strong and the base is very nice to my ears, but I have never liked a booming base.
The 104's have an equally good mid range and a some what more "bloom" in the low end. The high end is excellent, but lacks the "tingle" that the ref2's have. Sorry about all the quotes, but it is hard to put listening impressions in words that are not flowery. The bottom line is that both speakers are excellent, but the ref2's are in my listening room, and the 104's are in the living room. I have tried both speakers with the same equipment in the same room for extended periods.
By KEF 104 I assume you do not mean the Reference 104/2s. I have a pair of Reference 104/2s and four Reference 102/2s. The Reference 102/2s are very fine speakers, but IMO the Reference 104/2s are better. I run all bi-wired; the 104/2s are crossed to a Velodyne HGS-15 below 80 Hz. I've yet to hear a speaker that induces me to write a check to replace the 104/2s, even the lovely Sophias which would be my choice should a 104/2 fail.