KEF Reference 1s v LS50 Metas

Amp will be Ayre AX-7e integrated (60 watts@8Ω, 120 @ 4Ω).

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I agree the Ref 1 are handsome speakers, likely also more of a hassle to match components to. I'd have to go between speakers and intended amp to be sure. Out of curiosity isn't the Ref 1 a step above the LS60?

Certainly in terms of MSRP they are a step above.  When you add the cost of the Ayre gear I used with the Reference 1s, the cost is much more.  The speakers sound a bit different, but I'm not sure which I prefer.  Both sound superb.  Although both render large orchestration well, I prefer cool jazz, piano solos, and baroque, and both speakers excel with that music  The LS60s are much more convenient to use, so I even use them as a sound bar with a 75" Sony.  I'll be using the Reference 1s with an Ayre AX-7e integrated, C5xeMP disc player, and QB-9 for a link to a Roon Nucleus.

KEF has done a great job with their Connect app that permits setting a number of parameters of the DSPs within the LS60s.  I use it to integrate the LS60s with the room and the KEF KC62 subs.  I have no equivalent for the Reference 1s, although I low passed them at 80 Hz to a pair of Velodyne HGS-15s and high passed at 80 Hz with a passive balanced Marchand filter.  I used the Reference 1s with Ayre 5X Twenty series Roon-ready DAC, preamp, and amp, gear I plan to sell.