KEF Reference 207/2s, 3s, or Blade 2s

If I replace my beloved 107/2s, which of the above would be the best choice?  A Wilson Sophia might be an attractive option.  In the current market, I've found a pair of 207/2s for about half the price of Blade 2s, but haven't found a Reference 3 or Sophia for sale.

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I'm 81; my mother and three of her siblings lived to over 100, so 20 years might be the correct period.  The 207/2s are $7K, Blade 2s $14K.

@dbphd   Someone on another thread recently posted something very appropos ... (wish I could remember which thread regarding what I will say)....much more elegantly.

Factor time into your equation (hearing ability, life-span, etc) and I'd say the choice is crystal clear. For me, it reverses the $14K or $7K, should either amount be in your comfort zone.

Blade 2s all the way. Or if space, room and aesthetics allow go for the Blade...they are also heavily discounted.
I have seen the Blades on a heavier discount demo/used through dealers, than the 2s.
First of all, I don't have any experience with the  KEF Reference 207/2s, 3s. But, I did hear the Blade 2s at LAAS with the Hegel H360, as well as the Rost and Hegel's reference separates. Basically a three-way shoot out. If you look up my user name you can find my comments from around June. 

Cliffnotes, the Blade 2s with the H360 were very good. The DAC in the H360 sounded very good as well and I could live with that setup pretty easily. The Rost was OK, but the H360 was much better and the separates were only a small percentage better.