KEF Reference 5 vs. B&W 802 D3 speakers - which one better? your knowledges & opinions

I'm considering buying KEF Reference 5 or B&W 802 D3 speakers. I currently have McIntosh MC2152 power amp and C70 for preamp. Which one of these set of speakers will give me the best sounds. Please share and enlightened me as much as possible.  No recommendation for other speakers.  Tell me which one is better sounding.  Much appreciated.
Very glad you like the Ref 5s, especially after all the worrying and second guessing . As we’ve discussed, they will get better over time. The holographic soundstage is what  initially sold me.  The Rosewood finish is beautiful. Since I’m spending lots of time at home these days , I’ve been listening to my Ref 5s for many hours every day. Several months ago, I replaced an older Audio Research tube amp with a solid state Krell. Both amps produced great sound and, if anything, the Krell is better. The more I listen, the happier I am with the sound of the KEFs. I predict it will be the same for you.  Enjoy them. 

what ARC tube amp you did used before? And what’s the current Krell model you’re using now?  Im interested in solid state too and not sure if its can improve the sounds over my current set up (MC2152 and C70 with the Cambridge Audio Azur 851N DAC/streamer).  
Yea this speakers holographic soundstage is amazing.  I feel like im immerse in the concert and actually hear those instruments and vocal in front and music around me.  Glad i chose it over the BW. 
Kentrent-It’s been a while since your KEF Reference 5 speakers arrived.  I know you were very anxious about whether you would like them.  Wondering how you’re feeling now.  I hope you’re enjoying them as much as I like mine.