Ken Burns' JAZZ starts Monday on PBS!

A reminder that Ken Burns' 10 part series begins Monday in most all of the USA. Burns' past documentaries have been "The Civil War" and "Baseball." They were very, very good. Enjoy! Charlie
Having taken a course on the history of jazz while in university completing my bachelors, the documentary is pretty accurate so far. Even though Wynton is featured a little too much for my liking I just love the coverage jazz is getting.
Why is Wynton Marsalis the spokesperson for Jazz in the last 5 years. With all the great horn players in the last 50years,someone else should have stepped forward.
Don't expect any sort of surge in interest in jazz during or after this series. The first Ken Burns series, "The Civil War" caught our national attention because it was different and could hold the average American's interest for a few hours. That was 10 years ago. Now, all anyone cares about is the NFL playoffs and the T & A of Fox's "Temptation Island". In other words, don't be surprised if you're still just about the only person purusing the jazz section at Border's each time you go.
I started to watch this series, with much anticipation. I watched the first two episodes. I love Jazz, but the music took a back-seat to other issues racial, political etc. For me: end of series!
I agree, Tedmitz. What a shame. A music that can unite us seems to be used as a vehicle for a soapbox lecture that, IMHO, fuels the fires that divide us. Charlie