I will never judge someone i dont know with a list of symptoms from the Handbook of psychiatric disorder... ( psychiatry is a drug based practice then study psychology with Jung and astrology to balance its limited view at least )

I will never judge someone i did not know anyway...

What i know suggest an ordinary man with a great passion with all family problems many of us here goes through ...

I am appalled by the way some disparage a human being reading an article...

This say a lot ....Not about Fritz but about them....




@goodlistening64   As I read your comments, I thought wow…before you criticize the splinter in your neighbors eye, you should remove the timber in your own eye.

I think the WP columnist knows that a ‘good news’ article doesn’t create nearly as many clicks as a deeply critical one.  I’m thankful that no one has published a story about my life.


Do you know something about my life that I don't? How am I a hypocrite?

The WP columnist, Geoff Edgers, is a superb journalist who frequently writes about music and starred in a documentary called "Do It Again", about his attempt to reunite The Kinks. It is on youtube. I have followed him for years at WaPo. Suggesting he merely "click baited" about Ken's system has no basis in truth.

What is truth is that Ken was not a good father - clearly displayed narcissistic behavior - and wasted seven years of his life creating something that caused a breakup of his family. Yeah, maybe he wasted his children's inheritance on himself. Maybe he thought he deserved it. Maybe he had good intentions. But the results speak for themselves and Geoff Edgars is hardly the target for you to aim your arrow. Maybe mainstream media is the cause of your dismay?

before you criticize the splinter in your neighbors eye, you should remove the timber in your own eye.

That is not the correct passage you used. It is Luke 6:41, which states, "Remove the wooden beam from your eye first; then you will see clearly to remove the splinter in your brother's eye."

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