Ken Fritz stereo system auction is live...

My father Ken Fritz passed away last year, and we are auctioning off his system. Some of you may know of him from this forum and many others - he has been featured in many national news media outlets for his achievements building what he considered to be the best stereo system in the world. There are many videos about him, but the 2 hour documentary we made about his system can be found on YouTube - "One Man’s Dream - Ken Fritz Documentary about the world’s best stereo system"  It would be nice to see some of these go to homes that will appreciate them.



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Thank you all for the kind words! My dad definitely went down the audiophile rabbit hole - it's truly a magnificent system and room. 

An inspiring Youtube video.  His dedication to this hobby and his willingness to "rollup his sleeves" so as to be part of it was amazing.  My best to you and your family.

WoW! Reading the Washington Post article is quite sad. But the video was a good balance. He lost his family over this. Yet he still seems happy on the video. I'm glad for him if it is real happiness and not put on for the camera. He seems like a great guy, smart and has the wisdom of age. her's right in that its a fortunate person to have fulfilled their dreams. I am fortunate enough to believe that I have or that I will. Then I think back to growing up in the 50-60's with a single mom in small town America, and think, Wow! What a life. I think that's him also. Lets celebrate "STEREO" & enjoy the Music the best we can