Hi all, have not posted in quite some time. Just bought a beautiful Kenwood KA-9100. Need toggle switch for on/off, it is missing.Where can I get one?
I have searched high and low for parts for these amplifiers. Your best bet is to look for a parts unit or someone parting one out on ebay. I own a KA-9100, KA-8100 and KA-7100. They are all great amplifiers, but the 9100 is very special. The dual mono design gives a big open soundstage and it is more coherent than most amplifiers built today. If this amplifier was built today it would cost thousands.
I have sourced some parts for my ka 6100 off eBay. Can't remember the sellers name now but he had lots of Kenwood parts. Some may be interchangeable between models.
Cheers Dave.