Kenwood KT-990D

I'm very (very) new to the hifi world and I've collected a few vintage and older items in the past few months. One of which is a Mint Kenwood KT-990D. Is this worth keeping or selling? What's the going price for this unit?

I really have no real need for a tuner, since I have on built in to our current head unit. How would I benefit from this model if I decide not to sale it?

Thanks guy, and I look forward to learning from this experienced, and knowledgeable community.
I'm not really convinced of "the crappy transmission" (Very) good fm tuners like Tandberg 3011A, Kenwood L-02T, Kenwood kt 990d ... have a more natural lifelike sound than most internet radio stations ever can broadcast. If transmission is compressed (under 320 kbps)you can immediately hear the quality loss on a (very) good system - on classical music you can hear the difference IMMEDIATELY.
In my humble opinion internet radio is very good for news listening and pop music, but TERRIBLE for classical music. I ONLY listen to satellite radio channels through a high grade HD sat receiver IF they broadcast on 320 kbps.
Otherwise I prefer an analogue tuner for listening classical music. People who don't have a very good hi-end homesystem really can't judge over the quality of analogue FM broadcasts. Antenna reception with a Yagi antenna or Magnum dynalab antenna is also much better than through cable. Maybe the promotors of internet radio suffer from partial deafness (?) The CD standard is 1411,2 kbps ! Also a good CD player (for eg marantz 94 mark II) sounds a lot better and dynamical than a standard crappy cd player
I don’t think ota radio is dead yet. I find myself listening to local stations ota because I can’t stand the low bit rate rate versions. Yeah, the perceived variety of computer based audio is compelling but the simplicity of just spinning a knob and choosing a station is such a nice break from click click click select click click click select...
I bought a lowly Fisher FM2121 a while ago thinking in no way it will create any splashes in my audio sphere. Hooked it up, and... I was mesmerized. Particularly good with classical, but never shy of jazz either. With theater plays I was able to hear spatial clues I thought they would never surface. I liked this little guy so much I took it to my engineer for a thorough check up and upgrade. Tried in the mean time my Kondo AN3 CD player-nice, but it doesn't quite breathe life into instruments like the little Fisher. During occasional solo passages, instruments have enormous presence- one might say they live in the room. Quite shocking. 
if you have a good quality FM station it can sound great with a great tuner...