Kevin gets the

Both Stereophile and Absolute Sound review Prima Luna's integrated at the same time...did Kevin threaten to pull his full page ads or else? Don't get me wrong, I have purchased many a tube etc. from Kevin over the years, and he has always been courteous and quite helpful... But this is a perfect example how the world has always worked , and as much as the Internet makes me crazy at times I'm grateful for the free exchange of opinions we still have on sites like Audiogon etc.
Completely agree with Ghasley, I have nothing but high praise for Mr. Deal. I think some of you folks have an agenda that is less than honest.

The conversation here is despicable. Deal is one of the best audio dealers out there. If you are going to do this to Deal, a good audio dealer, why don't you go after the real assholes in the audio community? I have interacted with audio personnel for over forty years, from NJ, NYC, DC, MD, Chicago, CA, NM and more. Some were great, many more not. Again, Kevin Deal is one of the best.

Sorry to hear of your loss that had to be very difficult to go through and something I hope I never have to experience. As far as expensive cars making you a bad person Absolutely Not! I wish I could afford a Ferrari and I also enjoy cars and motorcycles and audio and my dog.

I have had limited dealings with Upscale Audio(Cary SLI-80F1 and Assorted NOS Tubes)and they have always been positive experiences; can't say the same for Cary Audio.

Almost on a regular basis, someone starts a Kevin Deal thread and people come out of the woodwork giving their opinions. Like many other threads on this informative resource, it makes for interesting reading.
Kevin - thank you for jumping in and responding to the praises as well as the slings and arrows. My heart goes out to you for having suffered with your late wife. You are a unique businessman in a difficult industry who has survived and found his own niche. I wish you continued success.