Kharma Midi vs. Sonus Faber Stradivari Amati

In the next few days I have to decide between Sonus Faber Stradivari (or Amati Anniversario) and Kharma Midi Exquisite. I have heard Sonus in my room and know exactly what they can do there. I loved musicality of SF, yet I have read rave reviews on Kharma. If anyone has listened to both of them and would like to graciously contribute some thoughts, it would help me a great deal.
I'm mainly curious if I would lose that musical aspect of presentation that is easily available with SF.
Thanks for your answer. It helps to hear it from someone who listened to both of them under the same conditions, in the same room.
I see there are opinions swinging both ways, toward Kharma, others liking more Stradivari. But what's interesting even if Kharma Midi's were more reflecting your taste, you didn't feel that Midi smoked Sonus Faber big time. You felt it was just a preference of sound, not a great gap in their accomplishments... if I understood you correctly. Since Midi's are twice as expensive as Stradivari, it's a huge statement. It may point out how reasonably priced Sonus Faber speakers are, or that Kharma's are outrageously expensive. What the truth is, is hard to say for someone not involved in this business.

Yes, you understood me correctly :-)

That said, IMO, the actual street price of the Midis reflect its value more accurately...

(Hint: Look at the 2nd hand prices of both... uplift from there to guage what their best street price might be ;-)
Treemed67, when I heard the Andra, in my room, they were
spectacular.I still went out and bring more speakers for
auditioned,no one can beat the Andra,I realise the Andra
are perfect in my room,So I went for the Andra.I am extremely happy.I agree with Fmpnd.
I own the stradivaris since a month even not fully burnedinn i love them very musical great tunefull bass midhighs to die for...
I have listened to the midi exquisites diferent times whit lamm se and tenor hybrid amps and all i can say that this are also great speakers they do everything very good!
I personaly dont think that one or the other is beter i woudt choose the stradivari first for my taste but it may be oposite yours.I can live whit both hapily both are some of the best in the market.
congratulations ertugrul, what are your electronics?
Stadivari is a top speaker and in a few days we'll see it's little brother Sonus Faber Elipsa.