Kids, Dogs, and Speakers

We have 2 dogs (25 lbs and 35 lbs) who tear around the house and preschool grandchildren. I like the sound of my Spendor A4s, but they are very narrow and top-heavy, and we worry they could be unintentionally knocked over (mercifully, this hasn't happened yet).  We need speakers which are harder to knock over.  This is the room we spend the evening in, so we can't exclude kids or pups.

Our budget is $7k to, at a stretch, $15k. I'm considering the KEF Meta R11 meta, the Sonus Faber Olyimpica Nova 2 and 3, and the Spendor D7.2 (which are wider and have a lower centre of gravity than the A4s). I ruled out the Sonetto 8s and Dali Rubicon 8s because the lowest speaker is vulnerably close to the ground. I like the extra stability that the outrigger feet give the KEFs and the Sonus Fabers.

I need to find things that I can audition in the section of the East Coast from New York to Washington DC.

Do you have any recommendations for speakers that are harder to knock over?



You could look at speakers like Totem Audio Forests where the cabinets can be filled with sand that significantly increases their weight making them hard to knock over and also improves their sound.

Newer Klipsch LaScala or KHorns. KHorns tuck into a corner away from child and dog traffic. And LaScala - if you have a dog or child that is able to budge them from their position I’d be training the kids for NFL linebacker status and dog for serious protection duty. BTW should you ever sell gear on one of the sites Do Not ever mention you have children or animals anywhere around your equipment. Kiss ‘o death for selling. Always remember - “from a no kid, no animal, no smoking home”.

My ads always saw more attention when I said we have five kids, four cats. three dogs and I smoke two packs a day. 

I used to have Olympica 3. They are stable and sound very natural and musical, I very good sound if you like this kind of sound. 

Hang your speakers from the ceiling so they are about 5 feet up from the floor. Put all of you components on shelves, about the same height. Put your kids and dogs toys on the floor, in front of your listening chair and enjoy your music. You are kidding, right? Can't believe everyone bit in to your child and dog proof speakers" question. No pun intended.


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