Kids, Dogs, and Speakers

We have 2 dogs (25 lbs and 35 lbs) who tear around the house and preschool grandchildren. I like the sound of my Spendor A4s, but they are very narrow and top-heavy, and we worry they could be unintentionally knocked over (mercifully, this hasn't happened yet).  We need speakers which are harder to knock over.  This is the room we spend the evening in, so we can't exclude kids or pups.

Our budget is $7k to, at a stretch, $15k. I'm considering the KEF Meta R11 meta, the Sonus Faber Olyimpica Nova 2 and 3, and the Spendor D7.2 (which are wider and have a lower centre of gravity than the A4s). I ruled out the Sonetto 8s and Dali Rubicon 8s because the lowest speaker is vulnerably close to the ground. I like the extra stability that the outrigger feet give the KEFs and the Sonus Fabers.

I need to find things that I can audition in the section of the East Coast from New York to Washington DC.

Do you have any recommendations for speakers that are harder to knock over?



@waytoomuchstuff you made me laugh, but maybe an electric fence around the HiFi and speakers would be better than crating them?  It would make an interesting talking point with visitors ;-)

Kids can have sticky sugary fingers and they loke to touch things, especially things that can be found on a HiFi System.

Dogs love sweet smells and will follow the trail left by the Kids fingers.

If you leave Drivers exposed. expect to find pushed in Dust Caps. caused either by a Kid or a Dogs Nose. 

I've been stupid lucky....(I heard that...that combination isn't all that uncommon...)  Our pets have left the equipment alone.

'Course the Maggies' are upside down and suspended, since they are just too much of a temptation for our (presently) 2 cats....who've been given plenty of alternatives...which they enjoy.

Kids haven't been an issue, since we didn't go there.

I was tempted to suggest razor wire or electrified cattle wires, but Social Services of all stripes would come to get you....not to mention the ASPCA, or the neighbors considering you on a level with the Addams family....

Perlisten in-wall speakers...


- They sound better than some names suggested (for an in-wall speaker).

- Completely out of the way/ more room for dogs and kids to run around.

- Higher WAF



- in-wall installation required. If you aren’t a handyman, you might need to hire the local handyman in town.

- if you are a renter, the landlord could disapprove of any in-wall modifications. .