Kii3 loudspeakers

Are there any stand mount loudspeakers that can compare or better these and why? Please list.
There are lots to compare but none other than the Dutch and Dutch mentioned above that perform the same dsp phase correction and room equalization.  The Barefoot monitors are comparable to see what you like but they are a totally different sound.  The barefoot have a much more powerful sound, deeper bass and more volume capability but the kii have a certain 3d soundstage that is different than anything else in the market, some love what they do.  The kii arent my favorite, but I appreciate them greatly for what they are (ive only heard them a few times)

I forgot to give reasons for suggesting the Dutch & Dutch.

Like the Kii, it is a very thorough design.  In addition to what frostdotcom posted, I really like the waveguide that Dutch & Dutch uses for pattern control. 

As one who has mulled over competing in the compact high-end professional monitor market, the Dutch & Dutch intimidates me.  Usually I can put on my speaker designer hat and fire up my ego and see areas where I think I could make an improvement, but not when I look at the Dutch & Dutch.    

I am also of the opinion that the frequency response "goal posts" are in different locations for home use versus studio use, but that's a different topic.


theres no reason i see that the kii is a better speaker than a speaker costing alot less. The kii cheats by using dsp to fix room problems.
It uses no berylium or diamond drivers or concrete cabinets. Its just another box with drivers in them like every other speaker.