Kii3 loudspeakers

Are there any stand mount loudspeakers that can compare or better these and why? Please list.
"theres no reason i see that the kii is a better speaker than a speaker costing alot less. The kii cheats by using dsp to fix room problems.
It uses no berylium or diamond drivers or concrete cabinets. Its just another box with drivers in them like every other speaker. "

Dude, you are on a roll,  piling up the most consistent number of eye-rolling, head-scratching posts in this forum.

"Duke, I take it that you have heard the Dutch and Dutch 8c and you like what you hear. Are there any other stand mounts with dip and internal amps that you would care to comment on?"

I've not heard the Dutch & Dutch 8c but based on my understanding of speaker design, it does an awful lot of things right.  I believe it to be an extremely intelligent design.

Since it's aimed at the studio market rather than the home audio market, you may be able to find a vendor who would let you try a pair with the understanding that you can return them if you don't like them.  My impression is that prosound dealers are more likely to be open to that sort of thing than home audio dealers generally are. 


Hey Duke, 

I have a client in Dallas who owns a pair but have yet to hear them.  If you were interested in getting your ears on them let me know and I can try to set up a demo with her.  I've been meaning to get to her place anyways.


Chiming in here (new to the forums).

I’ve had the 8Cs for about a month now, and continue to be blown away.

They’ve effectively unseated 3 other systems active in my home, and about 25 years of experimenting in this hobby.

Systems mentioned, include a pair of Kef LS50 Wireless, which might be on par with the Dutch in terms of perceived speed and coherence, but offer nowhere near the sense of scale and output, a full range, high sensitivity Oris/AER horn rig, sitting on a double stack of Lyngdorf W210 corner subs (the bass on the Dutch 8Cs simply outclasses the Lyngdorfs in every way, and the Lyngdorfs are quite good), and lastly, full range electrostatics, supported by a quad of 18s. The stats, given their dipole nature, play better depth of field tricks, but that again, are no where near as enjoyable to listen to as the Dutch and Dutch.

The 8Cs seem to defy physics, and provide a performance that outsizes my horn rig, in a package slightly larger than the Kef Ls50.

Game changing in my humble opinion.

If anyone is interested, I added some virtual system pics earlier today.
Okay The Dutch & Dutch 8c or the Kii3. I have a very large music collection stored on an external Drive( the Drobo 5C) hookup to a 2016 Aoole MacBook Pro. Can I hookup either speaker to the MacBook Pro to play my music and how? That's how for both speakers.