Killer vintage 70's, 80's reel to reel to add to my setup.

Hey everyone. Looking to add a Killer vintage R2R from the 70’s, 80’s to my current analogue setup that includes the Luxman PD444 and Victor TT-101 tables. I like the looks of the 70’s, 80’s but want to hear what you suggest. I’ll tell you right now, I know nothing about R2R and look forward to everyone bringing me up to speed with the basics and deck suggestions. Budget is around $4500. Thanks! Brent


Time to travel to Japan when covid allows. I don't see anything available online that tickles my fancy. My Luxman and Victor 101 are close to mint. 

@petg60 Technics and Sony decks in excellent cosmetic condition are rare and challenging to find correct? Might need to visit Japan as soon as possible to locate one. 

Also, what NEW two channel decks are available in the $5000 range. Depending on look, I might go this route. 


Akihabara, Chiyoda, Shibuya, Shinjuku, are places to visit if you decide the trip (worthwhile anyway).

Or wait till something appears for getting one in near mint condition.

Brother are you barking up the wrong tree. I owned a Revox A77 for a decade and it deconstructed itself. Tandbergs are even worse. The better Japanese units are much more reliable. BUT, an analog recording of any source is always a downgrade and prerecorded tapes are crazy expensive and finding them with music you like is difficult. It would only be a museum piece and that is not what this is about, for me at least. If you want to record music it is far better to do it digitally with a computer and hard drive or a dedicated digital recorder.