Killer vintage 70's, 80's reel to reel to add to my setup.

Hey everyone. Looking to add a Killer vintage R2R from the 70’s, 80’s to my current analogue setup that includes the Luxman PD444 and Victor TT-101 tables. I like the looks of the 70’s, 80’s but want to hear what you suggest. I’ll tell you right now, I know nothing about R2R and look forward to everyone bringing me up to speed with the basics and deck suggestions. Budget is around $4500. Thanks! Brent


I agree with mijostyn that reel to reel is generally NOT the way to go from a sound perspective.  Yes, there are great sounding tapes out there (I've heard a few), but, the pursuit of a reel to reel system can only be justified sonically in an extremely high end system where all other sources have been refined to a very high level of performance; otherwise tape is a waste of money.  There are very few good pre-recorded tapes available, and so the music selection is VERY limited.  The commercial tapes I heard that I thought might justify a reel machine cost over $500 per tape.  Also, decent machines cost around $20k.  Expensive machines to play a few good tapes may be justifiable, but only in the context of a system that already has top notch digital and vinyl setups.

Perhaps, the other justification is to preserve very good records by recording them to tape so that the records don't have to be subjected to repeated play.  I heard tapes made for that purpose and they sounded quite good.  But, so did digitized transcriptions of records and that is MUCH cheaper to do and digital is recording is more durable than tape and is SO MUCH MORE convenient.

Buy one and have fun with it enjoyed my time with them.

Another one is the Akai GX 400D, having the availability of a qualified teck

is a must in the equation.

I do like Akai a lot. The GX-747 seems pretty sweet too!


I see where your comin@larryi and @mijostyn A collector piece that I can play around with and looks substantial in the system. Best Akai deck?

Something to play around with, that would be the proper role of a R2R machine if you did not already have a substantial collection of tapes.  A bit more of a hassle than a cassette machine, nut certainly nicer to look at in operation.

No true audiophile system is complete without a good reel to reel deck. Even if only to make recordings off your vinyl for background listening. There is nothing like tape.

I would get Studer A807 or 810, find a qualified technician to make it sound as it should and be happy. Yeah, that would be at least double the stated budget.

Well, Otari would be my second choice.