Kimber 8TC bi-wire opinions...

Is this cable that good? Based on all the reviews some believe it is.. Or others you would recommend in the $150.00 used price range, 8' run needed...thanks
The 8TC is very good in the right application. It doesn't seem to be a real good match if you are using 'quick' interconnects such as Nordost or Goertz or Mapleshade. I use primarily Nordost and Mapleshade and found that the 4TC actually sounded better than the 8TC. I guess that half the conductors works better with 'quick cables'. In my system a true bi-wire set up sounds better than using jumpers, but I understand that this difference varies with the speakers and amplifier being used. I would highly recommend that you audition both the 4TC and 8TC if possible and make your decision that way. Of course, that's always the best way to know for sure.
I have owned 8TC and Alpha Core MI2 Goertz Veracity and prefer the Alpha Core for about the same money. It is easily the best cable I have tried for the money but the Kimber 8TC is second. I think the Kimber has nice tone but the bass is a little weak. Stereophile recommends 8TC bi wired to improve the bass. I would still prefer the Alpha Core myself as it has terrific midrange tone which is really special and great balance too.
I got *great results* when I ran a double run of 8 TC to the bass speaker, and a double run of 4 TC for the mids and treble (or what ever your configuration is).
I completely agree with the above assessment of the 8TC vs the Goertz/Alpha Core - the 8TC is very good cable, but the Goertz is that much better for about the same money. Again, as with all cables, this is a totally subjective opinion and may or may not apply to your particular situation - the only way to know for sure is to try any cable in your system.
Philojet and Palasr have both said what I would have posted. For a number of years, I owned and used the Kimber 4TC and 8TC in both single wire and bi-wire configurations, and have a very high opinion of these cables. About 2 years ago, at the suggestion of my local Vandersteen dealer, I replaced the bi-wire 8TC with Goertz MI-2 (copper) cables, and am pleased with the improvement (subtle, but noticeable). I'd conclude by saying that, IMO, the 8TC and the Goertz MI-2 (copper) cables are the two best, reasonably priced speaker cables on the market that work with a wide range of speakers and amps (which are really an interactive system). The only caveat is that Goertz cables should be used with the Zobel circuit that they provide, as some amp/speaker combinations can cause the amp to go into oscillation. There were several long threads on this forum within the past year about the need for Zobel circuits (a resistor and a capacitor connected in series) with the Goertz cables -- I suggest you research those threads by accessing the A-gon archives.
Six or seven years ago, when I re-entered the high end, I bought Kimber 4TC/8TC biwire. It was just too bassy. Selling that cable and buying 4TC/4TC biwire did the trick. This is a very neutral cable, with no emphasis or de-emphasis which I can detect. It has particularly great low frequency extension and, considering the price, is one of high fidelity's great bargains. I suspect that where it may be less-than-state-of the-art is in its transparency. Even so, nothing has displaced it in my system in these many years and my system is quite high end, high resolution. I haven't tried the Goertz Alpha-Core and it may be better, but even if it is, the Kimber may be too good just to sell. It might end up in a second system.

Definitely, if I was weighing a purchase of 8TC/8TC, I would try to get my hands on 4TC/4TC as well in order to do a quick audition. You should notice a much less sloppy bass presentation and better midrange with the 4TC, if your experience is anything like mine. In my mind, you will almost certainly get better sound for less money.