Kimber ks 1030-vs-1020?

Hello:I'm trying to decide between this two fine cables but do not have a local dealer,i have all ss electronics,simaudio celeste int and ead ultradisc 2000 cd player w/paradigms studio 40's v2,currently i'm using synergistic reference intc but wouls like to improve on bass and delicacy,i'm affraid the all silver 1030 may be too bright,maybe not and that's why i'll appreciate any inputs on the sonic differences between this two models,i do enjoy open,neutral,extended and detail sound,thanks to all very much,happy holidays,regards,AL
Alfred, Why don't you email your post to Kimber and see what they suggest. They have a fast reply time and have always given me good advise!
They both use silver to carry the signal so I don't think one is brighter than the other. I tried them both and they are very similar. A little better resolution from the 1030 but the tonal balance is the same. I bought half meter 1030 for my front end and 1020 for a long run from preamp to amp because I just could not afford the $4000 difference in price on a long cable.