Kimber Palladian PK10 vs PK14?

I'm interested in PK14 but can't find almost any information online about it. PK10 is generally regarded as a great power cord. Should I spend more and go with PK10 or save a bit and not hear any difference and get PK14?
The rest if the system is Simaudio Supernova, Marantz PM 11S2 and Hyperion 968. Cables by MIT CVT Terminator. Thank you
When I installed the Kimber Palladian PK10 to my preamp. I heard a much better soundstage!It took my system to another level. I agree with the others.
Branislav...great choice on the Kimber Palladian pc's. Once in your system they will never leave.

I am just testing PK10 Gold vs. PK14. PK10 is much better cable, especially on source components. The difference is worth additional cach. Paladium should be even better ... so go for it and forget PK14.
Yes, I ended up with 2 (I'm trying to keep it to a minimum with a cd player and an integrated) PK10 and don't think about power cords anymore :-)