Kimber Select 3033 versus 3035 and 3038

I just tried a pair of Kimber Select 3033 speakers cables in my system. All i can say is WOW. I had actually borrowed a pair from a friend of mine. My question is does the 1035 provide a significant upgrade over the 1033?? If so, what characteristics seem to improve. How about the 1038?? Both are significantly more expensive . . .
KS 3038 is a directional cable, yes. There are little arrows indicating direction on the metal "beer cans" from which the connectors protrude, where the "cans" have been painted.
It might be a little late to join this discussion, but I was thinking of replacing my KS3033s with 3035s or 3038s. Then I placed a meter of KS1130 IC between pre and power amp, and the system improvement was stunning. Music acquired a realism that I had never before experienced (detail, dynamic range, imaging, the lot) and the system is now so quiet that it seems to suck the noise out of the air between cuts. Now I am going to replace the hybrid KS1126 between CD player and preamp also with KS1130, and while I don't expect a change as dramatic as before, I expect a nice improvement. So I keep the KS3033s at least for a while since their warmth should compliment the drama of the silver ICs. All this has shown me the vast importance of cables to any system.
i tried the cables you listed and all i could say was am i really this gullible?
I have all kimber select silver although I am happy with the sound the workmanship of the brand has gone way down hill I had to return mind several time when they where new now I am stuck with cables that have been beeten up a bunch and refitted with ends and barrels several times to replace defective ones. There are many other cables that sound just as good I went with the kimber because I like the presentation.

The regular kimber stuff is ok but I would avoid the select stuff like the plague, it is expensive and there is other stuff that sounds just as good if not better. Sorry to be so negitive but they are a joke these days.
I lived with 3035 for 2 years and could never warm up to them. Programmer is right, there are so many great choices for cables at all more reasonable price points.