Kind of Blue

This was the first Jazz CD I ever owned.  I currently have over 200 Jazz CDs and Kind of Blue is still #1 on my list.

What are your favs?


If you poured your heart, mind, body and soul, blood, sweat and tears into creating something, would you appreciate it being summarily reduced to some generic label?
Or would you rather your creation was taken on it’s own terms for the thing it is?

I did not bother myself with labels anymore...

Music is done by musicians ... Labels are only useful to use on a wall to class the cd or vinyl by countries and era ....

For sure if we write a book about jazz for example, labels will appeal decisions about what we must put in the book at which place or not...

i dont write book about jazz then... labels means little for me ... 😁

When i was young "labels" mattered much for me because i excluded most labels genres 😁... I was "snob" i guess...

But after 40 years i begun to listen out of my innate taste (choral music before Bach mostly ) even jazz, eastern music and all eras in classical...

I discovered that my innate taste was limiting me , that music is done by musicians. it is not a written matter not a labelling matter. it was about each individual musician uniqueness gesture playing...

i am less snob now than i was once ... Less ignorant too ...😊

In my next life i would want to be a musician ... 😊

Probably poor ...

These are in no particular order:

Miles Davis - Kind of Blue, In A Silent Way, The Complete Bitches Brew Sessions, Nefertiti, Filles De Kilimanjaro

John Coltrane - A Love Supreme, The Complete Africa Brass Sessions, Coltrane’s Sound, Complete 1961 Village Vanguard Recordings

Herbie Hancock - Empyrean Isles

Sun Ra - Angels and Demons at Play, The Nubians of Plutonia

Cassandra Wilson - Blue Light Til Dawn

Don Cherry - Brown Rice

Alice Coltrane - Journey in Satchidananda

Wayne Shorter - Juju

Stan Getz / Charlie Byrd - Jazz Samba


Kind of Blue


Miles Davis

Julian Cannonball Adderly

Paul Chambers

James Cobb

John Coltrane

Bill Evans

Wynton Kelly

Nuff Said.

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