Kind of Blue

This was the first Jazz CD I ever owned.  I currently have over 200 Jazz CDs and Kind of Blue is still #1 on my list.

What are your favs?


Like most of what is posted here.  For reference I prefer music from instruments that don't plug into the wall, that you can actually hear the lyrics and that one does not jump up and down to listen to.  That said, guitar is a favorite and Joe Pass wasn't mentioned. Great talent like Jim Hall.

This is an incredibly tough question, given that jazz varies so much.  KOB is obviously a classic, of course, as is Take Five.  But my go-to morning coffee recording is Bill Evans Live at the Village Vanguard -- a masterpiece.  I am also a vibraphone nut, so I love Gary Burton, MJQ, and Lionel Hampton.  Wes Montgomery for guitar, and sax . . . Lester Young (especially his 50's recordings, which are maybe not his peak, but are very well-recorded), Ben Webster, Stan Getz, just too many to name here.  

But for all you Jazz aficionados, if you haven't listened to The Sound of Jazz, which is a soundtrack for a TV show that is available on YouTube and is available as a Blu-Ray CD, you absolutely must.  That is an all-star cast, including Billie Holiday and Lester Young.  It is EPIC, both as just audio and to actually watch the show and see them play!  The soundtrack is slightly different from the show, as it was recorded a day earlier, but both are stupendous!

I'm surprised how few mentions of Joe Henderson there are.  He's always been a favourite of mine.  State Of The Tenor is a must have for any jazz fan.  And the  subtle treatment he adds to Idle Moments by Grant Green.  


Kind of Blue

Somethin' Else - Cannonball Adderley (in my mind a Miles album-I keep it with his records)

Coltrane - Ballads, Plays the Blues, Giant Steps

Sonny - Way Out West, 4

Stan Getz  - Stan meets Chet, Getz Giberto, Jazz Samba

Milt Jackson - Bags meets Wes (Montgomery), Django (MJQ)

Wayne Shorter - See No Evil

Jimmy Smith-Wes Montgomery - The Dynamic Duo

Pat Martino - El Hombre

Pick an early Paul Desmond (Time out - even though Dave Brubeck leads)

Tina Brooks - True Blue, The Waiting Game

Dexter Gordon - Go

Miles - Round About Midnight or any from his first Quintet (Relaxin', Cookin', Workin', Steamin')

Pat Metheny Group (Self titled), Offramp (except the first song)

These are ones I am psyched when they come up next to play in the rotation....