Kinergetics CD transports

I met a guy who has a Kinergetics CD transport that's about ten years old. He still swears by it, and runs it into a modern, high quality DAC. I've seen it operate, and I think it cues-up (initializes/reads) CDs faster than any CD player/transport I've ever seen.
I hear that the company is not around anymore - a victim of the product-shift to HT-loving hoardes, or something like that..? There are posts on Audiogon about the Kinergetics amps, but little on digital items.
So, if one were to bump into one of these transports, would it be worth picking-up? Would there be a problem getting it repaired if something went wrong? I hear that it's a good-quality Philips transport inside (no surprise), so is it still available or replaceable?
I's appreciate any input the 'goners have.
One of my systems has Kinergetics KCD-55T transport purchased many years ago from a fellow who actually wanted to buy it back from me when he realized it was hard to improve upon. It is built very solidly, and with every DAC upgrade the system sounds better, so that it is not a limiting factor. Very natural, musical, extended range performance, and it seems like the sort of component that could have become a "classic" if enough had been sold to generate a fan base. I have never seen the inside of my unit so can't comment whether it is easy to make repairs. If you contact a repair shop then the technician may know if a unit is able to be repaired. If your friend has the instruction booklet, or other technical info on this unit I would appreciate being put in touch with him. I cannot remember the last time I even saw an ad for a kinergetics CD transport so your friend's unit is one of only a small number.
Thanks for your response, 57. If I bump into any useful information, I'll be sure to pass it along to you.