Kinetics Noise Control --- any experience?

Has anyone used products from Kinectics Noise?

I'm very intriqued by the corner bass trap "triangle" in the below linked phto. It appears to have a decent WAF factor.


I have my whole room treated and they work great. They also have a high WAF, she even helped pick out the color and fabric.

Those triangular bass traps in the corners look nice. I'm currently considering 3 options: the Kinetics traps, panels from, and ASC tube traps.

Given my listening room is also my livingroom, I want to keep the number of acoustical treaments as few as possible. For corner placement, the Kinetics traps appear to be the most aesthetically pleasing; but, I have crown moldings in the way. Hmmmm...tough choice.

I like the realtraps, but the corner placement for them may be a bit intrusive. Oh well.