King Crimson

The only knowledge I had of King Crimson was my first LP bought self titled Bad Company, and reading the bass player Boz came from Crimson. Fast forwarded 50 years and I am now hearing for the first time "in the court of the Crimson King". I know I wouldn't have liked what I love today, when I was 13. Amazing players and composers! Court is not dismissed, please remain seated. 


I agree with @simonmoon - 


I am a long time fan of all their incarnations.

Their best are: Larks' Tongue in Aspic, Starless and Bible Black, and Red. These 3 are their most progressive and musically adventurous.

But all of their releases have something of interest.

       What a band and what an album. Thanks for sharing voodoo and norm. What I would give to be able to go back in time and see Crimson during the ITCOTCK, Lizard or Red period tours. They are one of my favorite live bands. There’s a four cd box set called The Great Deciever. Its from the Starless and Bible Black/Red period 73/74 tours.
       One of my 5 first record purchases in 1978 was ITCOTCK. Lizard was my second Crimson purchase very soon after. I remember I had to return the vinyl for another because of an imperfection on the printing and it was warped. The gatefold of both releases especially Lizard fascinated me.
       I still listen to KC regularly. I have all of the releases and like the first 7 the best. The last one was good too, The Power to Believe. It’s hard to believe this came out in 2003. I was reading they recently are putting the live show to an end and are releasing a movie. I hope Mr. Fripp decides to keep touring. I know he is in his 70’s. I never saw them live unfortunately. They are a huge influence on other bands. No one truly sounds like them though. A very original and timeless music.

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Really liked the first four albums, before the personnel began to change.  If you like the lyrics, the main writer, Pete Sinfield, made a solo disc, which is worth seeking out.  At least one other of the original band members also made a (forgettable) solo disc.  And so it goes with groups.

Are you discounting Greg Lake? Or is he only for right ears?

Three of a perfect pair was my first exposure to King Crimson around 1985. Love Court too.