King Dollar and Buying Overseas

With the strength in the U.S. dollar, (UK pound is at 37 year lows, Euro at parity and the Yen the lowest its been since the internet crash in 1999) it would seem a very opportune time to be looking to purchase overseas. I have never imported audio gear and am curious how others have accomplished this, and if it's relatively easy to do. And, obviously, whether it makes sense to do so.

Very interested in people's thoughts and guidance, thanks. 


Every piece I have acquired from off shore shops has arrived painlessly. Seldom there are delays through customs. No cost to me.

UK, Holland and Hong Kong.

The only issues are warranty concerns.

For example a Bluesound Powernode Edge delivered for $655 instead of $699 + sales tax.

Biggest issue is voltage if purchasing domestic (for home country) stock. For items meant for export good time. warranty could be issue.