King of High Current Amps

I am wondering what is the best reasonable High Current Amp out there that is not really a simple pair of overweight boxes. I am looking for something that is among the best out there, in attempts of driving Infinity Kappa 9. Please, I am not interested in reading about ML and KRELL.
Any feedback on SIM W-5, Classes, Parasounds, Bryston etc...welcomed. Be specific in the sound, price in the used market, and actual experiences with them.

Check out the Bryston 4B-ST or if you need more power then the 7B-ST. Two of the best amps out there for the price. Check out ratings from Stereophile (4B-ST - B, 7B-ST - A). Bryston website has some very good reviews you can read. Excellent bargain if you can find one used. They have a 20 year transferable warranty - no questions asked. I highly recommend them.
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If you want excess of 100 amps per channel check out amplifiers from Coda, the Coda Continuum Ts can do over 150 amps per channel peaks.