Klaus Schulze and Lisa Gerrard -

Does anyone else have Klaus Schulze and Lisa Gerrard - "Farscape"?
It's a new release (August 2008) 2 disc CD and amazing. I just got mine ~2 weeks ago. It's a double CD release with about 2 1/2 hours of mezmerizing synth and vocal chants (Lisa Gerrard style). If you like Synth music, or Dead Can Dance/Lisa Gerrard . . . this may be for you.
A most dissapointing cd- unmoving. Be sure to listen to many clips to make sure it's for you prior to investing any money in this CD. Too bad, as I love DCD.

-Contact me if you want to buy this as slightly used in escellent shape.
Wow! I had no idea how many folks read these audiogon posts & respond privately to one another. There's a hidden barter society that I didn't realize existed. Enough already! The Farscape CD is gone.
Busted! I bought the Farscape CD from Rubinken, although since I paid cash for it it wasn't truly barter.


I love this CD. It's very similar to LG's other solo and collaboration efforts, none of which are much like DCD. If you're only familiar with DCD, I can see where this and LG's other post-DCD stuff might not be compelling.

I agree it's not much like DCD . . . I would add this release is pure, unmistakable Klaus Schulze - with Lisa Gerrard vocals on the side (or vice-versa?) so if you like either on of those you're likely to appreciate this.