Kleos Sibilance

Hello Folks,

I posted this in a Delos thread but I thought I'd better start it's own thread.

I have a new Kleos in a JMW 9 Signature on a Scoutmaster. I am getting sibilance on vocals beyond what I have heard with either a Shelter 501 II or a VPI Ortofon on the same table. My dealer put the Kleos on the wand I had the VPI cart on. I have gone to 1.8g and did not solve it and I have checked the alignment. I brought the rear of the arm down as well. It may be less pronounced but it is still there. Otherwise the Kleos is quite nice. It has 3 or 4 hours on it now. I do not hear misstracking on high level passages, just sibilance and sometimes some grunge on male vocals. It is not on all vocals but it is fairly common.
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"As for the sibilance issue, if you still have the VPI and decide to have another go at it, I would ensure the tonearm base is securely fastened to the plinth. I would also try removing the junction box platform and securing the junction box directly to the plinth. I would also check the pivot point the tonearm balances on to ensure itÂ’s not bent from tonearm wand removal or cart adjustments. Is your plinth firmly resting on all four feet without a slight wobble?"

Sounds like good ideas. I really don't want to spend anymore time on the VPI but since my Sota is not here yet I may look at those items this weekend.

And since I do not have the Sota yet, anybody know of a NEW or maybe Audiogon used cart in the $300 range that works well on the 9 sig? I prefer non harsh highs (but my old ears need highs) and full mids. Not that interested in massive detail. Will a 103R work? I have a GCPH so I can use just about any MC or MM/MI.

I have my previous generation Grado Reference Platinum mounted but it has indistinct bass and is not very involving. It's a real problem listening to anything less after hearing the Kleos. I suspect some carts may not work well with the Valhalla wiring in the 9 sig, in addition to matching the arm.


Dear Robert:

If you seriously suspect that something is wrong with your Kleos (rather than setup or component matching), feel free to send it back to us via your dealer and we will be happy to have a look at it.

We don't claim to be perfect, but we always do our best, and if there are manufacturing defects with any of our products, we will take care of them.

regards, jonathan carr

"We don't claim to be perfect, but we always do our best, and if there are manufacturing defects with any of our products, we will take care of them."

Thanks and good to hear from you.

You may not have read the whole thread, I have a refurb Sota Star with a SME 309 on order. I have sent the Kleos to Sota for mounting on the new rig. Other than the sibilance, I really think the Kleos is wonderful. Since Fremer tested the Kleos in a 309 and pointed out clean sibilants, I suspect the new setup will be quite nice.

In my last post I was trying to get someone here to give me a suggestion on a cheap cart that will work in the 9 sig so I have something decent to listen to until the Sota arrives.

Congrats on the new design and it's acceptance.


I have the Benz Glider on my JMW9 right now and it sounds great. The thing I do not understand is that the motor assembly appears to be the same as the H2. I am starting to think my cartridge may be defective. I sent it to Musical Surroundings and they said they will take a look at it and give me some feedback this week.