Kleos Sibilance

Hello Folks,

I posted this in a Delos thread but I thought I'd better start it's own thread.

I have a new Kleos in a JMW 9 Signature on a Scoutmaster. I am getting sibilance on vocals beyond what I have heard with either a Shelter 501 II or a VPI Ortofon on the same table. My dealer put the Kleos on the wand I had the VPI cart on. I have gone to 1.8g and did not solve it and I have checked the alignment. I brought the rear of the arm down as well. It may be less pronounced but it is still there. Otherwise the Kleos is quite nice. It has 3 or 4 hours on it now. I do not hear misstracking on high level passages, just sibilance and sometimes some grunge on male vocals. It is not on all vocals but it is fairly common.
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I have the Benz Glider on my JMW9 right now and it sounds great. The thing I do not understand is that the motor assembly appears to be the same as the H2. I am starting to think my cartridge may be defective. I sent it to Musical Surroundings and they said they will take a look at it and give me some feedback this week.
"What album are you refering to when you mention "Captain and Me" ?"

"The Captain And Me" by the Doobie Brothers. IMHO, it is their best effort:-)