Klipsch CF4's. Worth keeping or let me go!?

Hey everybody,

Supposed to be "Let em go"

I’ve got a pair of Klipsch CF4’s that I bought back from an old girlfriend awhile ago and have been in storage. They were the foundation of "Thunder Vision" my surround sound system in the year 2000. I loved that system. It was loud and made the movie experience quite the delight.

I’m ready to part with them. Are they worth anything? Condition cosmetically a 5 or 6. Drivers and horns are in great condition and run like they did 23 years ago.

Thanks for your input! Brent

My current system is here:




Heck no if drivers are good and they play well they are worth something. They were asking up to 2 grand on multiple sites. Not saying they got what they are asking but at a 6 if you posted for $500 they would be snatched up immediately I believe. If you happen to be in West Michigan I’ll buy Em for that. Lol.


I use CF4's as my main speakers, and if they are version 1 with the longer port tubes,(5 inches)  even in 5-6 condition, you should be able to get $1200-$1500 for them, because they are considered the holy grail of that design. If they are version 2 or 3, it will be a lot less. You will definatly still have takers, and you should get $800 or so.

As a diehard Klipsch guy ( Heritage line in particular ), I owned many Klipsch, including CF2s, 3s and 4s. Not bad speakers, but were not for me ( I own Lascalas, with subs, which are a level beyond, imo ). I also prefer Heresy with 2 subs. Keep in mind, many parts for the CF series are no longer available from Klipsch, as you would need to seek them out 2nd hand. If you like listening to them, or not, is the determining factor to keeping them. Just my 2cents.....No offense to anyone who owns and enjoys them......Always, MrD.