Klipsch CF4's. Worth keeping or let me go!?

Hey everybody,

Supposed to be "Let em go"

I’ve got a pair of Klipsch CF4’s that I bought back from an old girlfriend awhile ago and have been in storage. They were the foundation of "Thunder Vision" my surround sound system in the year 2000. I loved that system. It was loud and made the movie experience quite the delight.

I’m ready to part with them. Are they worth anything? Condition cosmetically a 5 or 6. Drivers and horns are in great condition and run like they did 23 years ago.

Thanks for your input! Brent

My current system is here:




Right on!!! 

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Just measured the port. Around 2 1/2 to 3"

I live in Miami Florida. Silly question. Best place to list them. Local pickup only. Not boxing up these huge b**ches. 

Silly question. Best place to list them. Local pickup only 

you could always go over to the klipsch forums and they have a classified section....i am sure someone would be interested in them ( if you do decide to sell them)


Likely V2 model and can still fetch $800 in that condition. If you can really clean it up to a 8 condition, then $1000+  post on Facebook marketplace for local pickup. Glws. 

I would use craigslist, facebook marketplace and USAudiomart. You should have luck with one of them.