Klipsch Chorus or Cornwall II

I have a pair od A/D/S 1590's and thinking of replacing them with Klipsch Chorus or Cornwall II. will rock n roll sound better on them and if so witch ones?
my amp is a mcintosh 7300. it should be enough power. What i had heard about klipschs is that you love them or hate them. out of the 3 speakers what one sound better with stones or even van halen. or should i look at a different direction?

Jon (newbe)
Consider Altec model 15 a better loudspeaker than the Klipsch and in your price range.
If you can find Klipsch KLF-30's or 20's, which should both be in your price range, they are considered the best rock n roll speakers Klipsch every made.

I have Chorus II's and KLF-20's. Very similar in specifications and I would definitely say the KLF's rock way harder than the Chorus II's. For regular music listening, the Chorus II's are as solid as they come.
I would look into a used pair of Klipsch Lascala. Eliminate the box coloration, update the crossover, and you have a set of speakers that will deliver whatever you throw at them. They image really well, and have the most "natural and fast bass I have heard. Dynamics are 2nd to none. They do roll off at about 45 hz and can be carefully matched to a sub if needed. IMHO....
i think i'm going to start with the Chorus II or Cornwall II's first before i try the Lascala's. But I need to improve my room. Reading about speaker basic and the type of music i play, my room will kill the best.