klipsch cornwall iv upgraded crossovers

I own a pair of cornwalls, amazing speakers they are paired with MC452 power  and a MC 70 tube pre.I play cds only on a yamaha C2100. My question is I hear people talking about upgrades to the crossovers on the corns  and softening the horns with  sound tape . Do any of those changes work,one or the other and do they make it worthwhile. Would like input from anyone who has tried the upgrades and who they used


I am a BIG proponent of damping horns, enclosures and woofer frames ( electronics as well ). A good YT video by the " The Boston Audiophile ", he shows you how he did his CW IVs, and it was based on my recommendation to him. I tried several crossovers with my Lascalas, and I just like the original design the best ( there were a few by Klipsch ). One after market crossover I tried, I heard more detail, but based on my musical taste, it was to clinical, and projected to much in my face. I go with what I like. BTW, Bob Crites ( RIP ), refreshes older crossovers, and for many listeners, has made them very happy. Enjoy ! MrD.

eoj, you've heard discussion about upgrades to the CW IV crossover?  I've read a number of favorable reviews of the IV, saying Klipsch mainly revised the crossover from the III.  If you have the IVs they must be nearly new since that was just introduced not long ago.  So I'm a little surprised if there are any number of upgrades already.

The speakers are 7 months old about 70 to 100 hours on them. I'm new to the craziness.I paired the VI's  with an old yamaha DSP1 not good . Found an old  ADCOM555 made the dsp1 a preamp.  Better but still not happy. Always liked MC got a tube preamp c70 .The DSP1 went back to the basement. WOW the VI's were starting to sound good. Walk into a repair shop spotted  another adcom555. First  mono and then bywired stereo. upgraded  speaker wire and  interconnects , added an old yamaha 100 watt sub. was  very very good. But still wanted a mac amp,  after some reading found a mc452. The sound was amazing, huge soundstage, the whole back of the room and 5 feet high. 3 times the adcoms. The point of this is every upgrade even little ones, they sounded better and better. So now I'm chasing sound. Tubes or upgrades not sure yet. Thanks for the input excepting all advice

Oz I emailed Don Sachs.com went out for an hour. Checked when I got home he had already responded . You were right good guy took the time to answer my question . Thanks