klipsch cornwall iv upgraded crossovers

I own a pair of cornwalls, amazing speakers they are paired with MC452 power  and a MC 70 tube pre.I play cds only on a yamaha C2100. My question is I hear people talking about upgrades to the crossovers on the corns  and softening the horns with  sound tape . Do any of those changes work,one or the other and do they make it worthwhile. Would like input from anyone who has tried the upgrades and who they used


eon, thanks for the further background. I can believe you’ve discovered better performance from where you started. And of course that whets the sonic appetite for more. ;^)

I was not familiar with The Boston Audiophile that MrD suggested. So I went to that site and found this interesting modification for the CW IV. It would be much simpler and less expensive than modifying the crossover.


Note that he also reviews a couple of amps and has a separate link about setup. I’ll just add that I have a Don Sachs line stage and believe he has a good ear and knows what he is doing.

The upgrades are better quality caps and resistors and others . There's only one guy doing them that I could find on ebay . His reviews are good. He upgrades a lot of top brand speakers, they  loved the upgrades . Problem is no reviews for the IV's. Sounded like I would be the ginny pig. IF I take a chance and lay out the 750. for the pair and don't like them. I would still have the originals . Or should I put that money toward a tube amp 275VI  or really piss off my wife with the 1502 . I really like bi- wiring . Opinions welcomed 

I damped the mid and tweeter horns (Dynamat on the mid, Blue Tak on the tweeter). The improvement was immediate and well worth the time and relatively minimal cost. The sound was noticeably cleaner, smoother, and more relaxed. Supposedly damping the woofers offer similar benefits. Haven’t done anything to the crossover....yet....


By "damping woofer" I expect musicmann1 means the metal woofer baskets.  Most know this but just to make sure no one interprets this as damping the cones like the backside of the horns.

I am sure, but you never know the experience level of readers here. Lots of newbies.